Professional  Head Lice Removal Service 

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 Global Lice is a mobile head lice  treatment service servicing San Bernardino and Riverside counties in  California as well as their additional global services*. Global Lice  practices the Shepherd Method of strand by strand nit and lice removal  technique - the only nationally recognized lice removal certified  process in the world.  

About us

What We Do


Global  Lice Removal Service provides parents with a safe and effective way to  treat head lice. Our professional staff is trained and certified in The  Shepherd Method - considered to be the most effective technique in the  world for removing lice and nits. The Shepherd Method is a methodical  approach that uses a strand by strand method of removing lice and nits  from the scalp. ​

No matter what you might read or hear, there is no short cut to getting rid of head lice!

Mobile Servcie


Global Lice services the immediate area  of San Bernardino and ​Riverside counties in California. Our standard  mobile fees apply in these areas as follows:

  • Flat Rate Treatment Fee - $95 to$120
  • Follow-Up Re checks  - $25 to $50
  • Head Checks  -  $25 
  • School, Daycare, Senior Care Facilities & Camp Head Checks,
  • School nurses and theacher-FREE

Global  Lice services our immediate counties in California but just as our name  says - we are a GLOBAL SERVICE. Our staff can travel anywhere that we  are needed and provide interpreter services when needed. 

Contact us today for global treatment pricing today!

What To Expect


Treatment  is necessary when a louse or nit is found in your child's hair. The  average treatment time is 2 hours depending on the length and thickness  of the hair, the amount of lice and nits and the level of cooperation  from the child. The only products used during treatment and safe and  non-toxic. 

If  your child was sent home from school because of head lice, we can  provide the treatment and a certificate to ensure they are back in  school the next day. 

Global  lice provides you with professional, certified staff, information on  head lice, answers for post-treatment and, most importantly, a lice-free  head of hair!  


Care With Discretion

 At Global Lice we understand that some of  our clients may feel embarrassed to have this head lice "problem". We  are a discreet service when coming to your home for treatment. But rest  assured - Head lice do not discriminate! You are never too old or young,  rich or poor to contract lice so you should never feel nervous about  calling us for help!