How did my child get head lice?

 Head lice can  only be spread by head to head contact. Head lice do not live off the human  head, so your child has come in close contact with someone else who had  an infestation already.  

Do I need to let anyone know?

 You should  let anyone your child has been in close contact with know - because it's  the right thing to do! Many parents find it embarrassing to admit that  your family is battling head lice but rest assured that head lice do not  discriminate. Anyone, at any age, can get lice and the sooner the  infestation is caught, the easier the treatment process.  

Can I treat with over the counter treatments?

 You can  certainly try - and many of our clients have tried both over the counter  head lice removal remedies and prescription medications. Unfortunately,  most over the counter (OTC) treatments are difficult to use with  effectiveness and both OTC and prescriptions can be costly, especially  when multiple treatments are necessary. Both OTC and prescription  treatments contain compounds whose safety has been called into question.  Additionally, in a study released by the University of Massachussetts  in March 2016 proved that head lice have grown resistent to both OTC and  prescription compounds because there has been no change in treatment in  over 30 years.  

How should I clean my house?

 There  is no reason to go to great lengths to rid your house of lice. Lice do  not live in houses - they live on human heads only! Use the 24 hour rule  - clean or launder clothing or bed sheets that have been used or worn  in the last 24 hours. If your child sleeps with a stuffed animal or has a  favorite pillow - throw it in the dryer for 30 minutes. Hair brushes  and accessories can be put in a zip lock bag and frozen over night or  boiled. Head lice cannot live off of the human head so anything that  might have had a louse on it will not still be alive in 24 hours.  

What about our pets?

 No  need to worry - your pets are completely safe. Pediculosis - human head  lice - are just that....a human parasite. They do not like anything but  the human head! 

​Do you accept insurance?

 No,  however Global Lice can provide you with the correct code so that you  can submit a claim to your insurance company for reimbursement if the  treatment is covered.  

Have more questions?

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